Application Process

Prospective D.O.-Ph.D. Physician-Scientist Training Program candidates are recruited from across the country. 

Qualified candidates should contact the D.O.-Ph.D. Physician-Scientist Training Program Office as early as possible, preferably in the summer or early fall of the application year.

Admissions Criteria

  • Substantial research experience as an undergraduate or graduate student, preferably at a R1 institution.
  • A written personal statement of trainings, career goals and motivations. Discuss research interest and potential dissertation research advisors.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.65
  • Minimum MCAT of 507

Application Steps

  1. Apply for admission to Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Please do so as early as possible. A limited number of students are admitted to medical schools on a rolling basis.
  2. On your “MSUCOM Secondary Application,” be sure to check the “interested in the D.O.-Ph.D. program” check box and answer all of the supplemental questions.
  3. Submit an application to a graduate program (see below). The deadline for most MSU graduate programs is Dec. 1. It is advisable to submit the graduate application in early fall.

All applications are reviewed and qualified candidates will be contacted by the D.O.-Ph.D. Program Office for an interview. 

Graduate Programs

The application deadline for most graduate departments and programs is Dec. 1 of each year. Applications are submitted through the Graduate School online application.  

The graduate application also requires a personal statement (why the applicant wishes to pursue a graduate degree) and an academic statement (a description of one’s research experience). Send all materials to the specific graduate department or program office.