Prematriculation Checklist

Pre-matriculation Checklist

Once new students receive their MSU NetID, they will have access to login to the student information system, Campus Solutions to review their pre-matriculation tasks. Please ensure you have read, understand, and completed the tasks before marking. Once a student acknowledges or completes a task, the task will be removed from the list.

These tasks include acknowledgements and instructions:

  • FASFA acknowledgement 
    • To receive aid for semester 1, please complete the FAFSA prior to June 28th. 
  • Spartan Mail (
    • The official communication to students acknowledgement
  • Spartan Card
    • Directions on uploading a photo for an MSU ID prior to July 1st
  • MSU student health insurance and waiver information
  • Preferred pronouns
  • Criminal background check and drug screen directions (to be taken care of in may and June, prior to July start) 
    • A package code for CastleBranch will be provided to incoming students (out-of-pocket cost $100)
    • International students are required to have a second background check with varying costs.
  • COVID immunization information
  • HIPAA and BBP online annual training
  • Student handbook acknowledgement 
  • The orientation and medical equipment supply lists (out-of-pocket costs)
    • Orientation Orders are placed through the MSUCOM Merchandise Store under “MSUCOM 2028 Orientation Items”. Please be sure to order before June 7, 2024 to ensure distribution at orientation on July 8, 2024.
    • Medical Equipment & Supplies list is provided below.


As an MSU College of Osteopathic medicine student, it is your professional responsibility to be compliant in each of the following areas during your tenure.

  • Pre-matriculation Compliance Checklist – will be assigned in the Student Information System (SIS), under “Tasks."
  • NOTE: Must be completed by the last day of orientation, July 12, 2024.
  • For an overview of when your college compliance requirements will be expected, please review the At-a-Glance Compliance Calendar.

Health Insurance

All students in MSU COM must maintain health insurance.  You will be automatically enrolled in the university health insurance plan through a charge on your tuition bill. Enrollment can be waived by proof of comparable coverage through MSU Human Resources and a waiver will need to be completed for summer semester 1 for the previous academic year and another waiver will need to be submitted in fall for the new academic year.  

Criminal Background Check and Urine Drug Screen

As verification of identity, criminal history and ability to matriculate into the college, each student is required to complete a criminal background check and urine drug screen. 

  • Instructions will be assigned in the Student Information System (SIS), under “Tasks”.
  • Additional CastleBranch-approved testing facilities, near each MSUCOM site, are provided below. Please note, the zip code you utilize during registration will populate the urine drug screen facilities for each student. If students choose a different facility than appears on their Orders from CastleBranch, it is advised that they reach out to the facility before presenting for testing, to ensure the current Orders will be accepted and additional steps are not needed first.  Background checks are completed electronically and begin to be processed as soon as you order the package code. Students only need to present for the urine drug screen portion of this requirement.


Immunizations are extremely important for students during medical school and as future health care providers much of what is done in the health care setting will come under federal Occupational Safety and Health Act guidelines. Certain immunizations are required of all health care workers and other regulators. 

As an MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine student, it is your professional commitment to be up to date with all vaccinations and titers as determined by the University Physician throughout your tenure at the college. Students that fail to maintain compliance are given a notice and possibly given an unprofessional misconduct in their file which can prevent students from participation until the student becomes compliant. 

Helpful tips:

  • Healthcare Professional Student Information Form & Chart
  • Any pharmacy can give your vaccines
  • Any doctor can order titers
  • Students can contact a local urgent care and they provide TB testing.
  • Students can contact the local County Health Department
  • CVS has a Minute Clinic that many students use

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Training

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a national standard that protects sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent or knowledge.  HIPAA defines health information as any information (including genetic information) created or received by a healthcare provider, health plan, public health authority, employer, life insurance company, school or university, or healthcare clearinghouse. 

Training in HIPAA is designed to understand the rules of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the US healthcare system. In this training you will learn about HIPAA and related federal legislation, and the elements of HIPAA they need to comply with, including the Privacy, Security and Enforcement and Breach notification rules.  Via the Privacy Rule, the main goal is to ensure that individuals’ health information is properly protected while allowing the flow of health information needed to provide and promote high quality health care and to protect the public’s health and well-being.

  • You will be directed to complete this requirement annually each spring. The first year both HIPAA and BBP will be due the week of orientation, and years two, three, and four will be due June 1st. 

Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) Training and Universal Precautions

The Bloodborne Pathogens and Universal Precautions (BBP) training program will guide you through understanding the hazards associated with the bloodborne regulations and safety procedures. 

  • You will be directed to complete this requirement annually each spring. The first year both HIPAA and BBP will be due the week of orientation, and years two, three, and four will be due June 1st. 

Medical Equipment & Supplies

Medical Equipment & Supplies are delivered directly to you after your order is placed. Please be sure to order timely to be prepared for your first day in the anatomy lab, the week of July 15, 2024.  Note: These items are provided here for ease. You are welcome to purchase like items from your choice of vendor.

Reminder: Orientation Orders are placed through the MSUCOM Merchandise Store.