Our Mission

Providing world-class, osteopathic, student-centered graduate and medical education and research in order to foster community access to patient-centered medical care.

Vision Statement

To prepare physicians in the science of medicine, the art of caring and the power of touch, with a world view open to all people.

Learn more as Dean Joyce deJong shares her vision for the college.

Guiding Documents

We are called upon to have a critical moment of reflection about our history as a college. As we set a new direction for our college community, our focus is centered on envisioning a future that will position us for healthy collaboration and positive cultural change.  

In order to uphold its mission and vision, MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine is making a commitment to create a culture that is welcoming, fosters community and is dedicated to the art of caring.  As members of the college community engaged in the identification of strategic priorities, culture and climate, and expectations for collaborative relationships, the following foundational documents serve as guiding principles in our continued commitment to growth and accountability.

MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine Process


As the above diagram outlines, the college’s strategic plan, the Creating COMmunity: A Shared Process for Building a Better MSUCOM process and the Common Ground Framework for Professional Conduct are all interrelated.

Strategic Plan

The strategic plan was directly informed by the data gathered during the Creating COMmunity process. The college’s leadership and strategic planning committee incorporated the findings outlined in the Creating COMmunity reports to ensure that the college’s strategic vision aligned with the needs of the college’s faculty, staff, and students.  As evidenced in the strategic plan, we are committed to training skilled and compassionate professionals who provide quality, patient-centered care rooted in osteopathic tenets.  

Strategic Plan

Creating COMmunity

The intention behind the Creating COMmunity: A Shared Process to Build a Better MSUCOM process was to (re)define the culture and structures within the college in order to heal and nurture the health of the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine community. The summary report presents an overview of the feedback provided by faculty, staff, students and administrators across the college and the priorities they identified for building the college of the future.

Creating COMmunity

Common Ground Framework for Professional Conduct

See Common Ground page.

The overarching goal of the principles outlined above is to engage in reflection, foster creative ideas, encourage meaningful conversations, and support purposeful actions in order to build a thriving community where all can grow and learn together.