Preclerkship Medical Education


The preclerkship curriculum represents the OMS-I and OMS-II years in the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine program. During these two years, students acquire a foundation of knowledge and skills in the biomedical and clinical sciences.

New Preclerkship Curriculum

Beginning in summer semester 2023, MSUCOM will launch an updated preclerkship curriculum with the Class of 2027.  The vision for this new curriculum was based in the college’s strategic plan, the Dean’s charge to the College Curriculum Committee (CCC) and the Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) initiative. The framework builds on the college’s strengths to  achieve key objectives, including:

  • Modifying course content to improve outcomes and the student experience
  • Adjusting the program timeline with a later start date
  • Creating a more unified instructional design

The programmatic changes have been led by the Curriculum Review Task Force (CRTF), including faculty, staff, and students in various work groups. The updated curriculum has been approved by Michigan State University and the Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation (COCA).

Click here for details on the new preclerkship curriculum.

Legacy Curriculum

Students who have completed OMS-I courses will continue on the legacy curriculum for OMS-II.

Click here for details on the legacy preclerkship curriculum.