College Governance

Organizational Chart - pdf version here


  • Andrea Amalfitano

Direct Reports to the Office of the Dean

  • C. Patricia Obando: Assistant Dean, Statewide Campus System
  • Kirsten Waarala: Senior Associate Dean, Medical Education
    • Susan Enright: Associate Dean, Clerkship Education
      • Kim Pfotenhauer: Assistant Dean, Clerkship Education
  • Anissa Mattison: Assistant Dean, Detroit Medical Center
  • Bruce Wolf: Assistant Dean, Macomb University Center
  • Joel Greenberg: Assistant Dean, Clinical Affairs/Primary Care
  • William Cunningham: Associate Dean, Institute for Global Health
  • John Goudreau: Associate Dean, Research
  • Katherine Ruger: Senior Associate Dean, Admissions and Student Life
    • Alison Jenner: Registrar, Enrollment Services & Student Records
  • Marita Gilbert: Associate Dean, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Aaron Pahl: Director, Finance & Budgets
  • Sarah Kovach: Director, Human Resources
  • Terri Hughes-Lazzell: Director, Communications
  • Chris Surian: Director, Development
  • Kimberly LaMacchia: Administrative Director and Executive Assistant

College Departments, Institutes and Centers

Biomedical/Foundational Sciences

  • Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (O. Ogunwobi, chair)
  • Microbiology & Molecular Genetics (V. DiRita, chair)
  • Pharmacology & Toxicology (A. Dorrance, chair)
  • Physiology/Human Pathology (K. Olson, interim chair)


  • Family & Community Medicine (M. Burry, chair)
  • Neurology and Ophthalmology (J. Ward, chair)
  • Orthopedics (M. Lissy, interim chair)
  • Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (J. Lippert, interim chair)
  • Osteopathic Medical Specialties (M. Hughes, chair)
  • Osteopathic Surgical Specialties (B. Zimmerman, chair)
  • Pediatrics (J. Greenberg, chair)
  • Physical Med & Rehab (J. Sylvain, chair)
  • Psychiatry (J. Magen, chair)
  • Radiology (M. DeLano, chair)
  • PA Medicine (J. McGinnity, director)


  • Learning and Assessment Center (M. Smith, director)

College Committees

  • College Advisory Committee (T. Taylor, chair)
  • Committee on Diversity & Inclusion (C. Tobias, R. Sina, co-chairs)
  • Admissions Committee (D. Young, chair)
  • College Curriculum Committee (J. Taylor, R. Rosenbaum, co-chairs)
  • Advisory Committee on Promotion & Tenure (J. Busik, chair)
  • Committee on Research & Graduate Study (N. Tewari-Singh, chair)
  • Committee on Student Evaluation (C. Sims, chair)
  • College Hearing Committee for Medical Students Rights & Responsibilities (B. Wolf, chair)
  • Bylaws Committee (B. Wolf, chair)