Diversity Week 2023 - Rare Disease Panel


Date & Time: Mar 27, 2023 7:00PM

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7:00 p.m.
Zoom ID: 92589945504
Passcode: Diversity

One in 10 patients in the U.S. have a rare condition (~30 million). Often, these patients have negative experiences with health professionals because their concerns are ignored or their rare diseases are poorly understood, leading to delayed diagnosis, mistrust and/or poor outcomes, including near misses and adverse events. Insight into their health care experiences may provide tools to combat these health inequities.

This event is open to MSUCOM affiliates, pre-college and admitted students.

Help Sparty find his helmet! There is a Spartan helmet icon hidden somewhere on the MSUCOM website. If you find it, click on it to figure out why Sparty keeps losing his helmet, and engage with a conversation on what it means to have a disability, especially when it's not always immediately visible. On Thursday, there will be a guided and honest conversation about disabilities with information and resources for students to foster deeper understanding and empathy.