Individuals recognized during Statewide Campus System annual meeting


By: Brianna Robinson

During the 2020 annual Statewide Campus System, or SCS, membership meeting, multiple individuals were recognized for their distinguished work in leadership, service, medical education and scholarly activity.

Congratulations to all the recipients who were honored.

Medical Education Staff Award


Opipari Leadership Award

Craig Glines, DO, MBA, FACOOG

Scholarly Activity Award

Drew Parkhurst, DO, PGY3

Matthew Mueller, DO, PGY3

Scholarly Activity Day Winners

Medical students:

1st Prize

Jatin Ahluwalia, OMSIV

Christopher Cenzer, OMSIV

Matthew Commet, OMSIV

Lauren Ford, OMSIV

Macksood Aftab, DO

2nd Prize

Renee Hanna, OMSIV

Deepansh Dalela, MD

Akshay Sood, MD, PGYV

Jacob Keeley, MS

Sohrab Arora, MCh

Marcus Jamil, MD, PGYIII

Chandler Bronkema, BS, OMSIV

Nicola Rakic, BS, OMSIV

James Peabody, MD

Craig Rogers, MD

Quoc-Dien Trinh, MD

Mani Menon, MD

Firas Abdollah, MD

Scholarly Activity Day Winners


1st Prize

Amy Kuechenmeister, MD, PGYIII

Amy Blasen, DO

Yer Yang, BS, OMSI

Fabian Ortiz BS, OMSI

David Betten, MD

2nd Prize

Matthew Rohloff, DO, PGY4

Gregg Peifer, DO, PGYII

Kevin Keating, DO, PGYI

Samuel J. Wisniewski, MS

Jaschar Shakuri-Rad, DO

Thomas Maatman, DO

3rd Prize

Peter Fischer, DO, PGY2

Melissa Kohner, DO, PGY3

Molly Gabriel-Champine, PhD