Congratulations, class of 2024


Each year, Michigan State University educates more than 50,000 students, with 78% of them from the state of Michigan. And each year, the university hosts commencement ceremonies at the end of the fall and spring semesters to celebrate new beginnings for Spartans graduates.

This weekend, spring commencement ceremonies begin for more than 9,500 Spartans.

For many graduates, the tradition of proudly displaying their areas of study or an inspirational quote on their green mortarboards lets others know the important and lasting connection they have to this place. Complementing their green gowns and colorful cords and tassels, these caps symbolize transformational journeys on the banks of the Red Cedar.

But when students walk off the stage, the Spartan journey doesn’t end.

Alumni take their green and white with them into the careers they’ve prepared for, whether they are among the more than 281,000 Spartans who continue making an impact in the state of Michigan or are part of the half million who make a difference across the globe.

They share their Spartans Will. through flags on classroom walls, Spartan helmets sewn on scrub caps, MSU pennants tacked to their bulletin boards or Sparty masks playfully on display at their veterinary clinics, and in so many other ways.

Because no matter where Spartans go or what they do, they work toward creating a better tomorrow for all.

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