Injury and Property Damage Reports

Student Exposure Procedure

(needle sticks, mucous membrane exposure, tuberculosis exposure, etc.)

See below and the University Physician website for information.

  1. Act quickly. Wash/irrigate site immediately, if indicated. Please see the MSU University Physician webpage for details.
  2. Seek evaluation and treatment immediately. Information on evaluation and treatment when either at a base hospital or elective rotation site should be sought immediately via the medical education department, a nursing supervisor, and/or the emergency department. The MSU Occupational Health Service at (517) 353-9137 may also be of assistance.  The MSU hotline is also available 24/7 at 1 (877) STUCK50 or 1 (877) 788-2550.
  3. Once evaluation and treatment have occurred, please report event to the following:

NOTE:  The payment of medical fees incurred due to any injury or illness arising out of participation in the program are the responsibility of the student.

General Information

General information on personal and automobile injury, property damage and liability insurance can be obtained from the Office of Risk Management & Insurance


The Injury/Property Damage Report is available here.