The Department of Orthopedics aims to provide the best care for patients with all aspects of bone and joint disorders and orthopedic disease processes.  We seek advanced understanding and treatment options of these conditions through research and other scholarly work, and educate the next generation of physicians, scientists, and providers in the field both locally and globally.

Patient Care

Comprehensive care of the injured athlete and active participant is the primary focus of MSU SportsMEDICINE.  The staff of primary care and orthopedic specialists at MSU SportsMEDICINE work closely with primary care providers in the mid-Michigan area offering a referral opportunity to better serve the active recreational athletes regarding their injuries.   

Utilizing a full spectrum of ancillary health care providers within MSU and throughout the community, MSU SportsMEDICINE has taken the approach to treating the whole athlete as opposed to any of its parts. Sports psychiatry, nutrition, biomechanical analysis, manual medicine techniques, stress testing and body fat determinations are just a few of the avenues the sports medicine staff will utilize to enhance an athletes performance and also return them to play.  Please visit MSU Health Care for more information.


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Meet the Department of Orthopedics team.

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