Culture of Safety

The MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine is committed to fostering trust and respect for our community members and empowering each other to grow and thrive by:

  • Engaging with and listening to all voices
  • Being genuine with our identities
  • Welcoming honest, challenging conversations
  • Expanding and deepening our perspectives
  • Awakening and reinforcing our ethical sensibilities
  • Advocating for those who are voiceless and/or unheard 
  • Showing humility and practicing self-reflection
  • Acknowledging and understanding our biases
  • Believing and striving to understand the experiences of others

This is a safe environment for all.  Please remember to:

  • Be humble 
  • Be kind to others
  • Show respect to all
  • Be curious and listen without judgement 
  • Be courageous in your actions
  • Encourage and support each other 
  • Be open and accepting of differences

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Safety and Professionalism in Osteopathic Clinical Skills Education


Wellness and Counseling

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