DO-PhD Program

The Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine offers a combined degree program leading to the D.O. and Ph.D. degrees for highly motivated students who have achieved excellence in research and academics.

Trainees in the DO-PhD Physician-Scientist Training Program spend seven to eight years in education and training to become physician-scientists. Graduates find careers in biomedical research or academic medicine. Their training enables them to be physician-scientists working on basic science or disease-related problems.

Since it began in 1979, the DO-PhD program has offered education and training to prepare individuals for careers in biomedical research and academic medicine, enabling them to become physician-scientists.

Most graduates find careers in medical colleges, universities or major medical research centers. They bridge the gap between basic science and clinical practice. Prospective DO-PhD candidates are sought nationally and special effort is directed in recruiting women and minorities. Qualified students interested in a career as a physician-scientist should contact the program office as early as possible.

Why do we need DO-PhD physician-scientists?

  • The physician-scientist population in the U.S. is smaller and older than it was 25 years ago
  • There is a current critical shortage of physician-scientists
  • The physician-scientist is a vital member of the medical research community
  • The physician-scientist can collaborate with both Ph.D. scientists and health care providers
  • Scientific questions the physician-scientist asks reflect their experiences with patient care. 

Incentives to pursue a DO-PhD degree

  • Reward of translating scientific research into patient therapy
  • Finding an answer to a medical puzzle
  • Being on the cutting edge of science in finding new therapies and/or disease cures
  • Receiving stipends and significant tuition reductions

Program Personnel

Brian C. Schutte, Ph.D.

John Goudreau, D.O., Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

Michelle Volker, CHRS, CFMLAS
Academic Program Coordinator


909 Wilson Road
West Fee Hall, Room 317
East Lansing, MI 48824

Phone: (517) 884-3825
Fax: (517) 353-9004
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