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Applied Immunology Center for Education and Research (AICER)

AICER Vision

Create novel immunotherapies that have the potential to prevent and/or treat diseases identified as amenable to immunotherapeutic intervention and translate those discoveries into routine clinical practice.

AICER Mission

Building on the translational research success story of cis-platin at MSU, the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine desires to initiate and drive applied and impactful research efforts at MSU. The primary goal of AICER is for research discoveries in immune-therapeutics (being conducted by MSU faculty across multiple colleges, including CNS, CVM, and CHM in addition to COM) to move rapidly into the clinical arena, and ultimately into routine clinical practice. The AICER mission also seeks to educate and train tomorrow’s researchers in how to achieve this much needed goal.

Immunology – The Next Wave

A next wave of breakthrough therapeutic advances has been emerging in the field of immune-therapeutics, as illustrated by the use of immune suppressive small molecules/antibodies to treat patients affected by auto-immune diseases, and checkpoint modulators to treat cancer patients. Numerous MSU investigators are currently exploring various and diverse aspects of applied immunology to foster development of new immune-therapeutics.

The College of Osteopathic Medicine has identified the following translational research topical areas, and their associated faculty that span multiple colleges across MSU, for strategic AICER support. The college is committed to supporting the mission and vision of AICER, with the goal of developing multi-PI, NIH program project grants and center grants, that also foster advanced training opportunities for all participants.

Autoimmune/Genetics Immunology

Cancer Immunology

Environmental Immunology

Infectious Disease Immunology



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