Spartan Street Medicine

Spartan Street Medicine is founded upon a commitment to the ideals of social justice and the right to health care for all. We aim to holistically serve people experiencing homelessness by bringing empathetic health care to the streets and shelters of Ingham County. We offer medical treatment, with follow up, connections to health education and social services such as housing, and most importantly, the compassion, trust and respect that so many people have been denied. We are a student-led medical group operating in collaboration with community partners (e.g. day shelters and community kitchens) to provide pop-up clinics and direct street outreach for people experiencing homelessness in Ingham County. 

Each week at our clinics, licensed osteopathic physicians volunteer alongside 10 of our over 150 culturally-trained medical students. In keeping with our osteopathic philosophy of caring for the whole person, each patient is offered hygiene items, socks and as desired, connections to other community services along with their medical treatment. To foster a continuity of care, we can also connect patients to health insurance, preventive medicine and both emergent and primary care. We strive to understand the socioeconomic barriers to health faced by those experiencing homelessness and to promote informed, compassionate care throughout our health system. 


Faculty advisors: Dr. Taylor Scott, Dr. Graham Atkin
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