As an MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine student, it is your professional responsibility to be compliant in each of the following areas at all times. Please be advised that costs associated with immunizations, monitoring, and titers are the responsibility of the student.

Review the Compliance Checklist (coming soon) to assist you in keeping track of when immunizations and trainings are to be completed. View your current profile at

See your Student Handbook for more information.

Please contact College of Osteopathic Medicine registrar staff with questions regarding compliances at or (517) 353-7741.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Training

Ability Training System is available here.

Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) Training & Universal Precautions

Ability Training System is available here.

Criminal Background Check and Urine Drug Screen

Each student must have a criminal background check to verify identity and any past criminal history.  This must be completed before school begins and will be repeated before you begin the Clerkship portion of your DO program.

  • Additional CastleBranch-approved testing facilities, near each MSUCOM site, are provided below. Please note, the zip code you utilize during registration will populate the urine drug screen facilities for each student. If students choose a different facility than appears on their Orders from CastleBranch, it is advised that they reach out to the facility before presenting for testing, to ensure the current Orders will be accepted and additional steps are not needed first.  Background checks are completed electronically and begin to be processed as soon as you order the package code. Students only need to present for the urine drug screen portion of this requirement.


All students must be up-to-date with vaccinations and titers as determined by the University Physician throughout their tenure at the college.

Students that fail to become compliant by the deadlines will be suspended from participation as a College of Osteopathic Medicine student until such time as the student becomes compliant.

This could negatively impact financial aid disbursement and could require repayment of aid received for the current semester along with additional consequences.

Responsible and Ethical Conduct of Research (RECR) Training

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification Training

(Completed prior to clinical training)

Urine Drug Screens

(Completed prior to clinical training)